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5th edition of the Soissons Bean Festival (Aisne)

From September 20 to 22, Esplanade du Mail in Soissons, in the Aisne, will be held the 5th Bean Festival.

It's the biggest bean in France and without chauvinism, the best!

The Bean Festival is full of surprises. You will have the pleasure to discover our giants Clovis and Clotilde who will parade at the top of Sunday's grand parade.

Of course, this will be an opportunity to highlight "The Soissons Bean", the flagship product of our region. The producers will be there to make you appreciate it in various forms. The Chef, Patrick Asfaux will probably surprise us again with an original recipe ... Read more

Whether you are a fan of street arts, music, theater, dance, games or gastronomy, you will find the opportunity to fully enjoy 3 days of celebration in Soissons.

The AOP of the salt marshes of the Baie de Somme

This is the must-see event the salt-covered PDO of the Baie de Somme, Saturday, September 14 Saint-Valery-sur-Somme from 10 am, discover the salt-meadow sheep sector of the Baie de Somme, meet the breeders and taste the products.

Many activities all day long: Transhumance of lambs with guided tour in the bay, demonstration of herding dogs, echography on sheep, sheep shearing, farmers' market ... A meal around the lamb is proposed at noon: terrine of lamb, barbecue grilled meat, tomme from sheep milk...

More informations on the website.

New scheduled visit to Laigneville mushroom farm (Oise) - Saturday, September 14th

Laigneville (Oise) Grande Champignonnière. Saturday, September 14 at 10:30, come and walk a maze of galleries with Ludovic, the owner of the place who will explain all stages of the production of white and rosé Paris mushrooms: from sowing to incubation through processing until picking by hand. Know-how and quality products to discover without delay!
At the end of the visit, you will leave with a kilo of mushrooms! Full price: € 5 - Reduced price: € 2 - Free for -12 years. Registration required at the Tourist Office Creil Sud Oise at 03 75 19 01 70

Laigneville (Oise) Grande Champignonnière. Samedi 14 septembre à 10h30, venez arpenter un labyrinthe de galeries avec Ludovic, propriétaire des lieux qui vous expliquera toutes les étapes de la production des champignons de Paris blancs et rosés : de l’ensemencement à l’incubation en passant par la transformation jusqu’à la cueillette à la main. Un savoir-faire et des produits de qualité à découvrir sans tarder !
À l’issue de la visite, vous repartirez avec un kilo de champignons ! Tarif plein : 5€ - Tarif réduit : 2€ Gratuit -12 ans. Inscription obligatoire auprès de l’Office de Tourisme Creil Sud Oise au 03 75 19 01 70

Locate the mushroom farm


A Sunday in the countryside ...

Nogent sur Oise (Oise) - Sunday, September 1 from 10 am to 6 pm at Hébert Park.

This year again, come and spend a pleasant day with your family in the green surroundings of this beautiful park.
- 80 exhibitors and animations await you:

Straw pool, artisans village, farm village, alternative village, small market, entertainment area, food court.

Free entry. So do not hesitate!

La Capelle Cheese Fair in the Aisne

Saturday, August 31, Sunday 1st and Monday, September 2nd it is at La Capelle in Thiérache (Aisne) that it happens!

For 3 days, meet the producers of Maroilles PDO, Champagne growers and many other products.

Marie-Pierre Gruson and Paul Lapersonne will make you discover "Folie douce de Thiérache", Grégoire Leroux producer of ciders, apple juice, cider vinegar and other cider confits you will appreciate, Paul Heraud and Rémi Mulet producers of rabbits and many other products are also waiting for you in the small Halle of the terroir products.
As for us, we are waiting for you at the Halle Michel Flandre on the Hauts-de-France Regional Council stand. Terroirs Hauts-de-France and Saveurs en'Or will present a selection of emblematic products from our region.

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Guided tour of Hautefeuille Distillery - Saturday, October 27, 2018

The distillery opens its doors for you to discover its craftsmanship during guided tours of one hour and tastings. Brewing, distillation and aging whiskey will soon have no secret for you. Remember to register!

3 rue Saint Antoine - 80110 Beaucourt en Santerre - Tel: 06 50 13 64 30

Visit from 10:00 to 17:00. Price: € 5 per person. To know more about the event

To know more about the Hautefeuille distillery

Friday October 5th Saint-Just-en-Chaussée (Oise)

The "Rendez-vous du Terroir" takes place Place de la gare from 4:30pm.

Like every first Friday of the month, find the local producers who will offer you their best products. In a friendly atmosphere, find Laigneville white and pinked mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, cheeses and eggs, breads and biscuits, snails and many other products.

At "Rendez-vous du Terroir", it's a guaranteed local food! To know more

9th Anniversary of the Brewery "Les 3 Loups" - Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October

Come and celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Brewery "Les 3 Loups" this weekend from 11h to 18h30 in Trélou-sur-Marne (Aisne)

Visit of the brewery, discovery of the manufacturing processes and all that makes the particularities of the different beers.

Food truck and DJ Electro Guinguette Saturday evening from 7pm to 1am.

In Hauts-de-France and Trélou-sur-Marne in particular, I eat local ... and you?

Learn more about  the Brasserie des 3 Loups


Open days at three local producers

In Thiescourt (Oise), Sunday October 7th from 9am to 5pm.

Muriel and Dominique Charpentier meet you at "La Miellerie de la Divette" to help you discover their profession of professional beekeeper.

You will be able, if you want it, from 9 am to make a hike of 7 km which will lead you to meet a baker, the Fournil du Bocage, then to a poultry farmer, the poultry of Haut-Bocage.

Many activities are available and you can also have lunch on site. On the menu, only local products!

Other local producers and craftsmen will offer you their products.

A beautiful Sunday in the country in perspective. To learn more about the Miellerie de la Divette.

Open house day at the "Clos de la Fontaine Hugo" in Rozoy sur Serre (Aisne)

Grégoire Leroux invites you to the open day of his cider house this Sunday, September 23 from 10 am to 19 pm, in the hamlet of Wichery - Route Apremont. He will share his passion for apple trees and especially the transformation of apples into cider, juice, cider vinegar, jellies and cider confit .... other producers will be present at his side to make you discover their specialties: Marie -Pierre Gruzon and Ferdinand Lapersonne and their gentle madness of Thiérache, Fanny and Bertrand Fagot and their foie gras and duck products and many others ....

On the program: Visit the cider house, Gourmet Market, Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount, Barter Plants (Take your plants, exchange and leave with those of the neighbor). Ancient games for children and older children, presence of Apples Crunchers.

A meal will be served on site by reservation at 06 74 84 82 67

Learn more about the Clos de la Fontaine Hugo

"Vergers et Portes ouvertes" (Open House in the orchards) Saturday, September 22 at Domaine de Moismont in Vron (80)

Bernard Nicolai and his team invite you to discover the production of apples and pears for a day "Vergers et Portes ouvertes" on Saturday, September 22 from 10am to 5pm at the Domaine de Moismont in Vron (Somme).

You will discover all the work behind the various varieties of apples and pears. After that, I'm sure you will not say, I want "an apple" but more I want a "pirouette", an "elstar" or a "boskoop"...

Many surprises await you including the tasting of the famous pie "Monette", apple of love, juice, smoothies, animation Head of Apple will be proposed as well as workshops on insects led by François Lasserre.

A day for young and old!

So everyone at Domaine de Moismont on Saturday

To know more

In Hauts-de-France and Vron in particular, I eat local products ... and you?

Festival of the Haricot de Soissons - 22 and 23 September in Soissons (Aisne)

It is one of the emblematic products of the Aisne: the "Haricot de Soissons". It had almost disappeared but thanks to a handful of farmers, the culture was revived in the 2000s. Discover, during this festival all the secrets of the culture and use of this succulent legume.

Seeding of the Soissons bean occurs when the frosts are no longer to be feared and the earth is warmed. May Day is the reference date for planting the crop. The saying of the gardener said "beans sown at St Didier, beans full basket ...! ". The Soissons bean is a rustic crop that requires little see no phytosanitary treatments. Producers are close to the environment and promote mechanical weeding. Hilling on the row is recommended when the plant reaches 10 to 20 cm high (the first two leaves spread). Water and heat are key elements in the successful development of this legume. Harvesting is done by hand when the pod is dry and the seed is ripe. The pod is gently unhooked from its stem and then stored in a breast and ventilated place. It takes place between October 1st and November 15th depending on weather conditions and areas to harvest.

To know everything about the Haricot de Soissons cooperative - To learn more about the Jardins de Pontarcher

Eat local products: The "Bienvenue à la Ferme" tour

The national network "Bienvenue à la Ferme" launches the "Eat farmer" tour throughout France. Around the van, producers in the region will share a convivial moment with consumers who will discover and taste the products.

See you on September 25 and 26, 2018, from 10am to 18pm, place Gambetta in Amiens.

In Hauts-de-France and in Amiens in particular, I eat local ... and farmer .... and you? You liked this publication, share it with your friends, and you will help to discover the products and producers of our region Thank you! Learn more about the tour

Festival of pre-salted PDO lamb from the Baie de Somme

Saturday 15 September 2018 from 10 am - Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, Canal bridge
(all animations will take place at the former local "Point P" in  St Valéry 1 rue canal in Boismont)

In the program :

- small transhumance in the Baie de Somme in the morning
- a good meal shared with pre-salted lamb in a good musical atmosphere (on reservation)
- herd dog demonstrations, lamb clippings
- Producers of the Baie de Somme market!

Come and discover the AOP Lamb from the salt marshes of the Baie de Somme and the profession of shepherd. Breeders and producers will be delighted to share with you this 100% Baie de Somme day!

Whatch the video presented by Jean-Pierre Pernaut on August 31 on TF1 during the 13-hour diary.

Autumn on the farm starts on September 15th

To celebrate the colors of autumn, the products (apples, saffron, pumpkins, heather, ...) and the activities of the season (planting shrubs, ...) farmers of the network "Bienvenue à la ferme" open you their doors and offer you many animations and festivities on their farms from September 15th to November 30th. Come and meet the farmers for a moment of discovery and exchange!

16 farmers of the network "Bienvenue à la ferme" offer many activities, tastings, sharing moments, festivities on their farm, around the discovery of their activities.

On the program: warm exchanges during shared meals, tastings, markets, amazing discoveries around saffron, planting shrubs,learning to know howto brew beer, all about apples, unusual appointment, visits, picking, workshops to sculpt pumpkins and colocynth ...

Flavors Market - Friday, November 24 in Bresles (Oise)

From 4:30pm to 7:30pm in Bresles (Beauvais and Clermont) - Place du Linciau - under the Halle. For the third time, find many local producers at the "Flavor Market" who will offer you their products directly.

Mrs de Caffarelli, "Le poulailler de Chaussoy" will offer you its eggs from outdoor that have just been approved Monday morning "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"! Large size (L) with beautiful "ocher" coloured yellows. These eggs were appreciated by the tasters. Congratulations to these breeders who bounced back after the fire that ravaged their farm two years ago.

Fatima Corpet offers her ciders and jams, Virginie Coin, her maroilles pies, her "cœurs de picardie", Grégory Houet his poultry and youngsters (an exceptional dish to book ...).

You will also find the apples of Eric Vandromme, the cress of MM. Lennzi and Bonvalet, Mr. Kunnert's snails, Mr. Beaudoin's organic cheeses, Mrs. Laly's yogurts, Carole Gobert's beef and veal preserves and many other products ...

To know more - Download the "Jeudis de l'été" flyer

The Local Products Shop of Coucy-le-Château (Aisne) is present on the Christmas Village of Saint-Quentin

From the 9th of December to the 7th of January, meet Savine Lefevre at the Christmas Village of Saint-Quentin in the Aisne.

For a few weeks, Savine is going to leave her shop in Coucy-le-Château to put at your disposal many local products that she has selected for you.

Real ambassador of products (Do not forget that she owned for a very long time a Hotel-restaurant in Coucy) and producers, she will perfectly guide you in your research and your choices.

Then go to his cottage on the square of the town hall of Saint-Quentin and enjoy all the events offered by the town hall for your enjoyment. Learn more.

The "Canardises des Trois Vallées" at the Reims Christmas Market

It's time... the Christmas markets are opening their doors. In Reims, from November 23 to December 27.

Products from the south of the Aisne will be presented at the "Canardises des Trois Vallées" of Condé-en-Brie which will have their own cottage.

Located on the left wing of the Cathedral and the beautiful "Angel with a smile") the cottage n ° 29 offers you direct from the producer his products derived from fat ducks and transformed by Fanny and Bertrand Fagot.

Fresh or preserved in the jars "Le Parfait", the products of the "Canardises" are absolutely delicious. In Hauts-de-France and in Reims in particular, I eat local ... what about you? Learn more

The "Chocolats de Nicolas" Open House Day - Sunday, November 26

A master Chocolatier opens its doors, take the opportunity to discover all the work behind these few grams of taste happiness ....

D - 6 before the day "Open doors" of the laboratory of "les Chocolats de Nicolas". It will be held on Sunday, November 26, 2017.
Come to Buyon (Plachy Buyon) from 10:00  to 5:00pm to discover the world of Nicolas and other artisans, all passionate.

We hope lots of you. Not to be missed !

See you on Sunday.

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Last foie gras workshop in Condé en Brie (Aisne)

There is still some places left for the last FOIE GRAS WORKSHOP of the year, at "Les Canardises des 3 Vallées" in Condé en Brie, which will take place on November 25th from 9:30 to 2:00pm. It is a few kilometers from Château-Thierry.
The foie gras is going to be a rare product this year. To be certain of its origin, nothing like buying directly from a producer. There are several in our region.
And why do not prepare it yourself? Fanny Fagot offers to teach you how to do it ...
Prepare your own foie gras in terrine. A gourmet meal completes this morning rich in learning and good mood. Reservation required by: - Participation: 85 € - 

Learn more

Champagne Day in Hauts-de-France - Friday, November 24 (Registration required)

Friday, November 24 from 2:00pm to 8:00pm at the headquarters of the Regional Council Hauts-de-France, Lille.

Second producing region of Champagne with nearly 3200 Ha of vines, the vine growers of the Marne Valley, around Château-Thierry, will make you discover their productions.

This free event is open to consumers who have registered in advance through this link:

Geoffrey ORBAN will lead a tasting workshop during which he will make you appreciate alliances between local products and Champagne.

In Hauts-de-France and Lille in particular, I eat local ... and you?

Champagne is drunk, of course, with moderation.

The Brewery "Au Coeur du Malt"

Will be present on the Christmas market of the Abbays of Chaalis (Oise) November 18 and 19.

On this occasion you can enjoy our Christmas beer under pressure.

We will also offer tasting boxes with Christmas beer, They will allow you to make an original and successful gift for the holiday season.

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