Marque régionale "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"

The "Terroirs Hauts-de-France" brand

Recognised by consumers and professionals, the Terroirs Hauts-de-France collective brand is based on specifications that highlight the quality, taste and know-how of producers. It is open to farmers, craftsmen and SMEs with a production or processing workshop in one of the five Hauts-de-France departments. The main elements of the specifications are:

•  The approval of products by an independent Tasting Committee which judges the taste quality of the products, 
•  Control of compliance by an external auditing firm which also assesses compliance with the regulations in force, 
•  The specific know-how of the producers is promoted through the various variations of the brand: "farmhouse", "organic", "artisanal", etc.
•  The processing or supply of local raw materials.

His goal is dual:
•  To support producers, farmers, craftsmen and SMEs in their search for supplies or outlets,
•  Promote the products of our region to professionals and individuals through the Terroirs Hauts-de-France regional collective brand.

Today, at the beginning of 2023, the brand includes 124 producers who offer more than 850 fresh or processed products.

Terroirs Hauts-de-France certifies a network of independent traders, real ambassadors of the brand and of the producers from Hauts-de-France: Les boutiques de nos terroirs

Terroirs Hauts-de-France: a brand that allows producers and consumers to meet

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