Marque régionale "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"

Who are the "Terroirs de Picardie" distributors ?

The agreed distributors are intermediary economical actors who commercialize to final marketers (shops, restaurants, company restaurants or school restaurants) products prior agreed by "Terroirs de Picardie". 

They are referenced for their business and professional skills so that producers and traders can lean on them for the distribution of their local products.

The agreed distributors share the philosophy of the "Terroirs de Picardie" brand : produce, transform and put for sale local products in a complementary spirit of the different actors' skills. Everybody at his own level has to be an actor of a local development policy of Picardy while taking account of the global context of a local economy.   

To be an "agreed distributor", the located in Picardy enterprise has to commercialize throughout the year at least 40 different agreed products from 10 different enterprises. The installations, tools and vehicles of the enterprise have to have received the different agreements necessary to the activity (veterinarial approvals, HACCP plans...)

Download the distributors' charter in pdf format

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