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Sponsorship of Météo France 3

Terroirs Hauts-de-France at the Made in Hauts-de-France exhibition

Sponsorship Météo France 3

Proud of their products, the Terroirs Hauts-de-France producers are pleased to sponsor the France 3 Picardie weather forecast from November 30 to January 3.

Our producers in the spotlight on France Bleu Picardie

In partnership with France Bleu Picardie you can win 10 baskets of regional products stamped "Terroirs Hauts-de-France".

For the weeks of November 30 and December 14, 12 products are in the spotlight:
• The Salicornes au vinaigre - Cueillette en Baie de Somme - Guillaume Leulier
• The Lentilles "Caviar" bio  - Arlette Steinmann - Arlette et Jean-François Steinmann 
• The Pâte à tartiner Noisette Cacao - Graines de Choc - Béatrice Maire
• The Rillettes de bœuf Angus aux morilles  - Des Hommes et des Bœufs - Andréa de Poncins
• The Terrine de faisan au calvados ou terrine tout sanglier - Picardie Venaison - Olivier Dewaele et Marc Agnes
• The Pâtes d'épeautre - La Fabrique d'Ancienville - Margaux Berton
• The Bières la Musteline, la blonde (qui est une bière épicée), la pale ale (qui est bière une houblonnée) - Brasserie la Musteline - Laure Pamart
• The Petillant de Rhubarbe - Brasseries et Cidreries de Milly - Thierry Soria 
• The Cidre bio - Domaine de la Mottelette - Hubert Corpet
• The Chips La Française - La Chips Française - André Vanlerberge et Etienne Lemoine
• The Jeunes pousses d'endives festives - Endiverie Oger - Jean-Philippe Oger
• The Ferme du moulin, SCEA des 4 vents - Scea des 4 vents - François et Thomas Defossé

At the same time, La Conserverie Saint-Christophe presents its emblematic products:
• The pâtés, terrines et rillettes, plats cuisinés, etc...

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2020 General Agricultural Competition, all the results...

Since its creation in 1870, the General Agricultural Competition has rewarded the best of French genetics and local products.
This year, many producers in our region presented products there. The organizers of the competition strive to select juries representative of the French population (young / senior, men / women, active / retired, various socio-professional categories).
Find the entire list of Hauts-de-France products awarded this year:
Several of them are Terroirs Hauts-de-France approved
Thus, raw cider and light beer from the Brasserie Cidrerie de Milly (Oise), Miel de Tilleul de Picardie from Eric Barrère de Saint-Omer (Pas de Calais), fresh faisselle cheese and smoothed fresh cheese from Gaec Saint- Gérard de Saint-Fuscien (Somme).

Congratulations to them !
Thanks to the "Courrier Picard" for the photo of the Brasserie Cidrerie de Milly, to "La Voix du Nord" for the photo of E. Barrère and to "Bienvenue à la ferme" website for the photo of the Leuleu brothers


Friday February 14 will be Valentine's Day.

Even if you don't have to express your feelings only that day, take advantage of this symbolic date to surprise your partner or companion by "crunching" a "Coeur de Picardie"

Thank you to Virginie Coin Beauchamps for concocting this biscuit soaked in Crépicordienne apple brandy ....

Inspired by her grandmother who, at the end of the meal, liked to dip a cookie in the marc her husband drank after his coffee, Virginie immerses us in delicious memories of childhood.

To find out more:…/gate…/coeur-de-picardie/

Terroirs Hauts-de-France: a brand that allows producers and consumers to meet

Terroirs Hauts-de-France, those who speak about it best are the producers!

Thanks to Laurent Pénichou, M. Maillet, O. de Nesle and L. Segarla for this interesting "Large Format" on France 3 Picardie

Saveurs ChampenoisesBrasserie Les 3 Loups, Adèle Bayard, La ferme de Pierre et Marie

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