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2019 "Hauts-de-France" terroirs News

Radio France Bleu Picardie : Every day at 8:40 am and 10:45 am, discover a producer!

Vincent Schneider France Bleu Picardie will allow you every day from December 2nd to December 13th from Monday to Friday to win a basket of products offered by the collective brand Terroirs Hauts-de-France.

Every day at 8:40 am and 10:45 am, discover a producer whose products will be in the basket that we will make you win. These are some 10 products that you can win.

Macaroons from Amiens and Hauts-de-France by Jean Trogneux, François Mellon's organic lentils, Richard Vilbert's rapeseed oil, Samuel Roeland's foie gras pie, Les Jamitures poppy jellyfrom  Martine Guy's Antan, Grégoire Leleu's farm yoghurt by FermOgout GAEC Saint Gerard, Séverine Liénart's cider from La Cidrerie de la Garenne Cueillette de Saint Gratien, Sylvie Charpentier's linden honey from the Miellerie de la Divette, Christelle Fromentin cheese La Laiterie De La Baie and durum wheat pasta by Amélie Tupigny

In Hauts-de-France and thanks to the regional brand Terroirs Hauts-de-France in particular, I eat locally ... and you?

To know all Terroirs Hauts-de-France products:

"Parlons Saisons" magazine #16

Discover the latest issue of the Hauts-de-France promotional committees magazine with files, reports, recipes ... to highlight the products of our region. In this issue, prepared to present local products and our brands - Terroirs Hauts-de-France and Bienvenue à la Ferme - you will find:

- A focus on "When producers open their own collective stores".
- A file on the noble meats.
- Product presentations: Vegetables with high potential, the Haute-Somme eel, "No smokeless salmon".
- A report: Milk ice cream 100% of our cows.
- A nutrition entry: on gourmet desserts.
- Recipes: Fajitas of lamb salted from the Baie de Somme, carpaccio of beef, vegetables in vinaigrette and leek mousse with milk. Consult number 16 online

Would you like to receive this number and the following free of charge? thank you to send an email to Anne Halgand - Promotion Committee for Picardy products

A awsome gastronomic choice in Hauts-de-France

Our region Hauts-de-France is full of gourmet products, generous, quality.

- Fruits and vegetables of a rich diversity, tasty meats and local specialties to cook,

- Cheeses with a thousand flavors, sweet flavours, beers, juniper but also champagne ...

Our gastronomic range is huge!

This little video will whet your appetite!

To receive the guide:

"Délices des Hauts-de-France" contest

It's Taste Week. The Promotion Committees take advantage of this national event to offer you a contest "Délices des Hauts-de-France".

⭐️Large game⭐️ Try to win a gourmet basket of regional products and a cookbook of chefs!

To participate please visit: Good luck to all !

At the end: gourmet baskets, recipe books, our "Délices en Hauts-de-France" brochure, the little guide to regional products and gastronomy.
The 5 laureates, among those who answered the question correctly and after the draw, will be awarded a voucher of 50 euros TTC in a shop of our network of partners

5th edition of the Soissons Bean Festival (Aisne)

From September 20 to 22, Esplanade du Mail in Soissons, in the Aisne, will be held the 5th Bean Festival.

It's the biggest bean in France and without chauvinism, the best!

The Bean Festival is full of surprises. You will have the pleasure to discover our giants Clovis and Clotilde who will parade at the top of Sunday's grand parade.

Of course, this will be an opportunity to highlight "The Soissons Bean", the flagship product of our region. The producers will be there to make you appreciate it in various forms. The Chef, Patrick Asfaux will probably surprise us again with an original recipe ... Read more

Whether you are a fan of street arts, music, theater, dance, games or gastronomy, you will find the opportunity to fully enjoy 3 days of celebration in Soissons.

When Hollybel, "Fleur sur O" by Clotilde Brown Allavoine makes her "Star" on television ...

When Hollybel, "Fleur sur O" by Clotilde Brown Allavoine makes her "Star" on television ...

Thanks to this report, you will know everything about the production of this succulent elderberry syrup produced in Housset in Thiérache in Aisne.

A big thank you to Paris Première for this report that helps Hollybel to democratize the elderflower.

To taste without moderation! unless you accompany it with white wine ...

Learn more and watch the report

Clotilde Brown - 4 rue de l'église 02250 HOUSSET - Tél : 06 46 65 86 53

The AOP of the salt marshes of the Baie de Somme

This is the must-see event the salt-covered PDO of the Baie de Somme, Saturday, September 14 Saint-Valery-sur-Somme from 10 am, discover the salt-meadow sheep sector of the Baie de Somme, meet the breeders and taste the products.

Many activities all day long: Transhumance of lambs with guided tour in the bay, demonstration of herding dogs, echography on sheep, sheep shearing, farmers' market ... A meal around the lamb is proposed at noon: terrine of lamb, barbecue grilled meat, tomme from sheep milk...

More informations on the website.

Hike France Bleu - Sunday, September 15 Meeting at 9 am at the Park Hotoie in Amiens (next to the kiosk)

Discover Amiens with your family on a hike that you will do at your own speed. Organized with the help of the county federation of hiking, this hike of about 5 kilometers will also allow you to try local products: Béatrice Maire, you will discover Tartimouss  Graine de choc, a succulent spread made from bean seeds grown in the Somme ...

Bernard Nicolaï of the Domaine de Moismont will make you taste the apples of his orchard located in Moismont in Picardy maritime.
Bernard Morel Nature de Pain in Amiens is a passionate baker by the Avocette, baguette of French tradition, elaborated with the flour of Moulins Riquier of Cahon-Gouy, a few kilometers from Abbeville ... At the end of this hike - walk, you receive various gifts including the guide of the gastronomy of Hauts-de-France published by the committees of promotion of the products of the Chambers of Agriculture of Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardie.

Meeting at 9 am in Amiens at the Parc de la Hotoie (next to the kiosk) for departures between 9 am and 11 am, the event will end at 13h.

The "Panier de Louise" in Albert (Somme) - Local Grocery and Hauts-de-France Terroirs shops

This store is located at 39, rue Jeanne d'Harcout.

That was missing in Albert, which is why Fanny Bouchery wanted to open a shop selling products from our region. You will find everything you need and especially, as in all  Terroirs shops, un, a true ambassador of local producers.

The shop is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14h to 19h. And, Saturday from 9h to 19h non-stop.

"Our pure wheats" are more than just pasta

Matigny, 3, rue de Falvy Somme. Amélie Tupigny and her husband were the precursors of durum wheat pasta production in the Somme.
"Our pure wheat" is more than just pasta .... it's a real local industry: Amélie Tupigny transforms in her workshop located in the heart of the farm, the durum wheat that her husband cultivates in their fields of Matigny .

Once harvested and stored, the durum wheat is then crushed in a stone mill installed just above the pasta factory.

Fusilli, Penne, Conchiglies, Short Tagliatelle, The colorful, The greedy basil, the curries and some other varieties will delight your family meals. No seasoning needed, they are sufficient to themselves as their taste is interesting. A simple nutty butter and this is a very tasty dish! To learn more - Follow the news of "our pure wheat" on Facebook.

The sale is done on the farm (there is even a vending machine so you can stock up outside business hours) and in many outlets.

Between Crouttes and Trélou sur Marne in Aisne ...

3,200 ha of vines are planted. 10% of AOC Champagne is produced in southern Aisne. The harvest begins. Fly over the vineyard with this nice video. 6,154,513 bottles were shipped in 2018 from the Marne Valley West. This fall, enjoy this beautiful season to discover this beautiful region and visit the cellars.

The vineyard of southern Aisne, a vineyard of importance! Of course, champagne is tasted in moderation.

Watch the video

The Baie de Somme: a source of high quality natural products

Shells, marine plants ... Mobilize us to develop consumption in France so that all these treasures do not see the foreign market as economic development.

Ask the professionals of the products of the Bay of Somme, Canche or Authie ... do not wait to buy them from traders from Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands ...

In Hauts-de-France, I consume local ... and you? Watch the video

New scheduled visit to Laigneville mushroom farm (Oise) - Saturday, September 14th

Laigneville (Oise) Grande Champignonnière. Saturday, September 14 at 10:30, come and walk a maze of galleries with Ludovic, the owner of the place who will explain all stages of the production of white and rosé Paris mushrooms: from sowing to incubation through processing until picking by hand. Know-how and quality products to discover without delay!
At the end of the visit, you will leave with a kilo of mushrooms! Full price: € 5 - Reduced price: € 2 - Free for -12 years. Registration required at the Tourist Office Creil Sud Oise at 03 75 19 01 70

Laigneville (Oise) Grande Champignonnière. Samedi 14 septembre à 10h30, venez arpenter un labyrinthe de galeries avec Ludovic, propriétaire des lieux qui vous expliquera toutes les étapes de la production des champignons de Paris blancs et rosés : de l’ensemencement à l’incubation en passant par la transformation jusqu’à la cueillette à la main. Un savoir-faire et des produits de qualité à découvrir sans tarder !
À l’issue de la visite, vous repartirez avec un kilo de champignons ! Tarif plein : 5€ - Tarif réduit : 2€ Gratuit -12 ans. Inscription obligatoire auprès de l’Office de Tourisme Creil Sud Oise au 03 75 19 01 70

Locate the mushroom farm

A Sunday in the countryside ...

Nogent sur Oise (Oise) - Sunday, September 1 from 10 am to 6 pm at Hébert Park.

This year again, come and spend a pleasant day with your family in the green surroundings of this beautiful park.
- 80 exhibitors and animations await you:

Straw pool, artisans village, farm village, alternative village, small market, entertainment area, food court.

Free entry. So do not hesitate!

New Terroirs Hauts-de-France approved products ... and a change of name for Rouquette Productions

Following the Accreditation Committee held on Monday, June 24, new products and producers have been approved Terroirs Hauts-de-France:

- FermOgout - GAEC St Gérard in Saint Fuscien in the Somme - Approved products: natural farm yoghurt, sweet farm yoghurt, farmyard yoghurt to drink, strawberry yoghurt, mango passion yoghurt, fresh cheese.

- "Brasserie in the heart of Malt" in Verneuil Halatte in the Oise - Approved products: Beer "Gustave" white, ale, amber, triple, IPA, stout. Beer "Orgeline" ale, amber, triple.

Information: "Rouquette Productions SARL" becomes: "Brasseries et Cidreries de Milly".

Picardy fruiters recruit for picking. To your CVs!

The "fruitière de Picardie", often known as "Domaine de Moismont" is located in Vron in Picardy maritime. Do you want to work outdoors in a friendly atmosphere? Registrations are open for harvesting apples. Bernard Nicolai, who runs it, is as concerned with his orchards as he is with his employees. Last year, he set up stretching sessions to prepare the bodies for picking work. The pickers are faithful, but each year, it is necessary to provide for the constitution of the teams.

Requirements: Minimum age 18, a means of transportation. Premiums based on several criteria, physical work. Period end of August to end of October. This offer corresponds to you, apply by sending your CV to:

Another very good Champagne to discover

Let's not forget that the Hauts-de-France produce more than 10% of Champagne.

From the vineyard to the bottle, discover all the stages of the making process of their champagnes! and of course, taste them! A very good place to test!
Thank you Claire, Lise and Aline for being the guides of this beautiful House! Congratulations on this noteworthy mention in the "Petit Fûté" guide. Visit them directly at the property, you will discover everything about the culture of the vineyard and the development of the "Champagne Baron Albert" in Charly sur Marne. Even of quality, the Champagne Baron Albert is tasted in moderation.

Baron Lise  Claire Baron

Great success for the Esprit Fermier store in Glisy (Somme)

They, at least, do not have to advertise on television to say that they pay the producers well ... because they are the Producers! The customers who frequent the store since its opening on July 31 forgive the small problems related to the start of the activity (the non-arrival cases, a larger than expected activity and a new job to learn ...) because they are there to support the agriculture and handicrafts of our region. Thanks to them !

Producers already present: FermOgout GAEC Saint Gerard, Coeur de Picardie, Earl de Caffarelli, Ferme de Manâtre, Fromagerie fermière de la chapelle saint jean, La ferme des 3 châtaigniers, Le Lapin Picard, La Chevrerie de Canaples

and many more ... So, for your supplies in short circuit, a good address: Esprit fermier - 1 allée de Maître Zaccharius, 80440 Glisy. Opening hours: Open Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:30. The store is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Sundays. Feel free to share this publication widely with your friends!

La Capelle Cheese Fair in the Aisne

Saturday, August 31, Sunday 1st and Monday, September 2nd it is at La Capelle in Thiérache (Aisne) that it happens!

For 3 days, meet the producers of Maroilles PDO, Champagne growers and many other products.

Marie-Pierre Gruson and Paul Lapersonne will make you discover "Folie douce de Thiérache", Grégoire Leroux producer of ciders, apple juice, cider vinegar and other cider confits you will appreciate, Paul Heraud and Rémi Mulet producers of rabbits and many other products are also waiting for you in the small Halle of the terroir products.
As for us, we are waiting for you at the Halle Michel Flandre on the Hauts-de-France Regional Council stand. Terroirs Hauts-de-France and Saveurs en'Or will present a selection of emblematic products from our region.

The Trogneux House, emblematic shop in Amiens

Thanks to Catherine de Médicis that this pastry has become the gastronomic emblem of the city of Amiens. The Amiens macaroon recipe is simple, Valencias almonds, sugar, honey, egg white, sweet almond oil and bitter almonds (no preservatives or dyes). Since 1872, Trogneux House has delighted both young and old with its range of macaroons and chocolates and its selection of the best regional specialties. Since Jean-Baptiste pastry chef installed in 1872 in Amiens and Jean-Baptiste who carried on this year, the same passion remains: maintain craftsmanship for the greatest satisfaction of customers. You go on holiday in other regions, think to offer this incomparable and unique specialty. You are on holiday with us, the Macaroon of AmiensJean Trogneux is one of the most succulent memories!
All about the Macaroons of Amiens and Trogneux House.

The Carolus ... potato from Bayard House in Laucourt (Somme)

"Tour de Plaine" ... it grows ... it grows for the Carolus.

The Bayard House, Adèle Bayard, Françoise Bayard, Bertrand Bayard and Florent Bayard, are the goldsmiths of the potato!

Their products are invited on the most famous tables but also on yours!

Varieties produced: Sand Juliet - Ratte - Vitelotte - Amandine Princess - Andean Sunsin - Lily Rose - Blaue St. Gall Pomegranate - Purple Queen

On every occasion, his potato.

By their color or their specificity, they will delight your palate.

Learn more

Rollot Festival on July 13th

"The Rollot Festival" at the Jardin des Ifs in Gerberoy (OIse) will take place on Saturday, July 13, and take the form of a tasting lunch in a 17th century atmosphere, under the patronage of Louis XIV himself!
Menu at 34 €:

- Rollot pastry, "ravioles" with rollot,

- mini hamburger - chic - with rollot,

- platter of rollot & mesclun and artisanal sorbets from Picardie!

On reservation::

Learn more

Marine plants ... in reportage with the show "Petits plats en équilibre" on TF1

The Bay of Somme is full of treasures, marine plants: salicornes, aster, obionne ...
Every day, during the opening period, the fishermen on foot, true gardeners of the bay, pick up manually these natural plants! Treasures of goodness, raw or cooked, they will seduce you. A series of reports not to be missed!

To your Diaries ... reports scheduled at 13:30 with Laurent Mariotte:

- on the Salicorne: Thursday 11 July and Friday 2 August

- on marine plants: Thursday 18 July, Friday 9 August and Friday 30 August

Learn more about the show - Learn more about the Baie de Somme Collectors Association

Tartimouss ... an exceptional product of the "SAS Graine de Choc" in Beuvraignes (Somme)

It is certainly the first artisan product approved by Terroirs Hauts-de-France to display the "nutriscore" ...

Beatrice Maire has really developed an exceptional product that lovers of spreads will love! Certain that after having tasted it, you will forget the other spread which highlights the palm oil ...

In addition, the pots of Tartimouss have new labels. Can you see the difference from the old ones?

SAS Graine de Choc - Beatrice Maire - 30 rue du Cessier - 80700 BEUVRAIGNES

Learn more

Lentils always know how to find a place in our meals

Cold in salad, hot with good sausages, duck ... The lentils is a dry vegetable (or legume) that belongs to the starchy family. It is a Mediterranean origin plant, which was one of the first vegetables grown by humans. Annual herbaceous, it grows in small bushy plant of 30 to 40 cm, with very fine stems. The pods are short and contain 1 to 2 seeds only. There are many varieties of lentils around the world.

Annie Chevalier and her son Edouard produce them in Esmery-Halon in the Somme. Visit them, they will share their passion for this legume. This year will be colorful with the legumes of the Grains Barn. Edouard sowed green and coral lentils, azuki red beans, chickpeas, green peas. We can not wait to discover them! To know more To know more

All the beers of the Brewery "Au Coeur du Malt" in Verneuil in Halatte (Oise) approved by Terroirs Hauts-de-France

Located in Verneuil-en-Halatte, the "Au Coeur du Malt" brewery produces "Gustave" and "Orgeline" beers.

All beers have their own recipe and everyone can find the beer that will meet their expectations.

Three beers were, for the moment, approved Terroirs Hauts-de-France, they are all now. On Monday, the Accreditation Committee tasted them (in moderation) and gave their approval.

The "Gustave Blonde" was also a silver medalist in the 2018 General Agricultural Competition.

The brewery "Au Coeur du Malt" has planted some hops in its vicinity, but it aims to use in the coming years Hops produced in the Oise. This is why she is looking for a farmer who would agree to produce it.

So, we could not do more local!

To know more

FermOgoût ... and its approved dairy products Terroirs Hauts-de-France

At the new Terroirs Hauts-de-France accreditation committee held on Monday, June 24, we tasted the "FermOgût" dairy products, a pure delight! The products, made on the farm with the milk of the day have obtained notes of taste between 16 and 17.5 out of 20 ... Grégoire and Thomas Leuleu are breeders in the soul. They are attentive, every day, to their herd of dairy cows in order to produce a quality milk which they turn into tasty yogurts, cottage cheese, dessert creams and fresh cheese.

Yogurts have also won a bronze medal at the General Agricultural Competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture at the International Agricultural Exhibition last February. Grégoire and Thomas are involved in the "Bienvenue à la Ferme" approach. They welcome you on the farm Wednesdays from 2pm to 7pm and Fridays from 4pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm.

GAEC Saint Gérard - 16 Hameau du Petit Cagny - 80680 ST FUSCIEN.

A little news at the Brasserie Saint Rieul in Trumilly in the Oise

New in glasses! From July, the brewery is happy to present you a new frog: The "Estivale"!

A very light blonde (5% vol) which will be able to quench your thirst during the hottest days. For this first year, you can find it at your wine merchants but also on site (shop open Friday and Saturday afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm).

See you soon.

Brasserie St Rieul - Lieu-dit Saint-Rieul -Trumilly (Oise) - Tél : 03 44 59 00 49 - Contact

The "Avocette" .... a beautiful story

The "Avocette" is:

- a beautiful story, with Picardy maritime farmers, storage agencies (cooperatives), the Riquier Mill of Cahon-Gouy and the bakers,

- a simple recipe: local wheat, stored locally, crushed in flour on the territory and elaborated by artisan bakers.

- a quality product: a French tradition baguette cooked on the floor of the oven... the result: happy consumers!

Pour tout savoir sur l'Avocette en images. To know everything about Avocet in pictures. To find the baker who makes avocet..

"Délices des Hauts-de-France", the little gastronomy guide has just appeared

It highlights the rich gastronomic heritage of Hauts-de-France. It presents by family of products, the essential specialties or products that we have completed with anecdotes, recipes and or testimonials of experts (chefs or best workers of France).

These ambassadors sublimate our terroirs for the pleasure of the consumers we all are.

Check it out online.

You want to receive its "paper" version, it's simple, just ask us:

"Délices des Hauts-de-France" was published by the promotion committees of Nord Pas de Calais and Picardy.

Do you like honey, eat it?

So, you need to be aware of this:

- 80% of honeys consumed in France are imported,
- 30% of "first prize" honeys tested by "UFC-Que Choisir" were adulterated with the addition of sugar syrup, 1 out of 3 honey is not compliant according to a 2015 European Commission study.

Be involved in a major change in the legislation on the labeling of the geographical origin of honey. Indeed, in France the two legal notices are : from the EU (European Union) origin non EU (worldwide China, Ukraine, Argentina ...). Then sign the petition in order to get FULL INFORMATION for mixed honeys: they must indicate the proportion of each honey according to their country of origin, as decided by our Spanish neighbors

And do not forget that the best way to be certain of the origin of the honey you consume is to buy it directly from the beekeeper who produces it, in a "Relais Terroirs" or a honey "Terroirs Hauts-de-France" approved! To know the beekeepers and to know the "Relais Terroirs Hauts-de-France".

New products approved "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"

Following the Accreditation Committee held on Monday, June 3rd, new products and producers have been approved "Terroirs Hauts-de-France":

La Conserverie d'Ornelle at Luzoir in the Aisne - Approved Products: Bolognese, Beef Carbonnade, Tripe with 4 Spices, Leek Fondue and Mushroom Soup.

So Chips at Longueil-Sainte-Marie in the Oise - Approved products: La Fine Picarde: with sea salt, herbs, Maroilles.

Groupe Charlet at Bois Grenier in the North - Approved Products: Trays for pot au feu: 1, 2, 3 kg - Carrots: 1, 2, 3, 10 kg - Leeks: 10 kg and 1 kg bales - Mixture of fresh vegetables for Mussels.

EARL Marc Desjardins at Froyelles in the Somme - Approved Products:  biscuitière La Gourmanbise Epeautre Flour.

Think about Father's Day ... Sunday June 16th

You want to please him? so offer him beers from our region. Many craft breweries compete to offer you beers with rich aromatic palettes.

Visit them directly..

Or go to one of the Terroirs outlets, there are some throughout the region. These product ambassadors will guide you in your choices.

To find the Relay closest to you

Visit of the quarry of the mushroom farm of Laigneville in the Oise - June 22

Ludovic Barré is the last producer of mushroom of the Oise. Passionate about the white mushroom but especially with the rosé, he will share the love of his profession. After visiting the quarry, you will not see the mushrooms said "from Paris" in the same way but above all you will make the difference between a mushroom that grew in quarry and those usually sold, unfortunately coming from abroad. So, everyone in Laigneville on Saturday, June 22, remember to book with Tourism Creil Sud Oise

Buy Terroirs Hauts-de-France products is the guarantee to eat a local seasonal product from local producers!  To know more

A new Terroirs Hauts-de-France local store

Following the last Accreditation Committee, a new local store has just been approved: "Le Panier de Louise" in Albert.

A brand new shop, with local, natural and organic products: Fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, spreads, flour, lentils, rapeseed oil, pasta, fruit juice, soup, yogurts, jam, biscuits, specialties. chicory, champagne, wine, beer, cheeses, terrines, ice cream, salt, mustard, eggs, chocolates, etc.

Fanny Bouchery, you will welcome and will advise you with pleasure.

Her address: 35 rue Jeanne d'Harcourt - To contact her: - Tel : 09 63 62 09 92

New edition of "Parlons Saisons" (#15)

Discover the latest edition of the Hauts-de-France promotional committees magazine with dossiers, reports, recipes ... to highlight the products of our region. In this edition, prepared to present local products and our brands - Terroirs Hauts-de-France and Bienvenue à la Ferme - you will find:
- A focus on the quality of products in Hauts-de-France.
- A file on the consumer and his desire for change (priority to short circuits, recycling).
- Presentations of products: Spirulina, Organic milk is tasty yoghurt, plants in the service of well-being.
- A discover file: The milk of the meadows of the Boulonnais.
- A nutrition article: about gaspachos.
- Recipes: lamb skewers with prunes and saffron rice.

If you wish to receive this number and the following free of charge, please send an email to Anne Halgand - Picardy Products Promotion Committee. Browse the magazine online

Edition 2019 of the Exhibition fair of Picardy

The 2019 edition of the Exhibition fair of Picardy will take place from Saturday 1st to Monday, June 10th, 2019 at Mégacité Amiens! Agriculture and products will be honored in a special space. Many activities will be offered by various sectors and farmers "Bienvenue à la Ferme". Many producers will take turns to make you discover and taste their products.

Thus, the products approved by the collective brand "Terroirs Hauts-de-France" will be to taste:
Saturday, June 1st: Béatrice Maire - Tartimouss, the spread made from beans, Pierre Helminiak and his famous "croustillons picards", Marie-claire and Marc Desjardins: their products based on spelt flour, Maison Trogneux and its famous macaroons from Amiens and from Hauts-de-France.
Sunday, June 2nd and Monday, June 3rd: Pierre Helminiak and his famous croustillons picards.
Tuesday, June 4: Pierre Helminiak, the "Domaine de la Motte" of Montdidier will make you appreciate the eggs laid outdoors in Hauts-de-France.
Wednesday, June 5: Béatrice Maire, Tartimouss, the spread made from beans, and Pierre Helminiak.
Thursday, June 6th: Pierre Helminiak, his famous croustillons picards
Friday, June 7th: Richard Vilbert who produces Rumbempré organic lentils, camelina oil and organic linseed oil.
Saturday, June 8: Pierre Helminiak and Marie-claire and Marc Desjardins.
Sunday 8th June and Monday 9th June: Pierre Helminiak, Marc Hossart who produces spirulina in Saint-Léger-les-Authie

Learn more

10th market 100% from Picardy

Sunday, June 2, 2019 from 10am to 6:30pm.

10th market 100% Picard - Saint Leu d'Esserent and Saint Maximim (Oise) on the banks of the Oise. 10 km from Creil and 1 h 15 from Amiens.

Many producers, including Virginie Coin, will be present and meet you from 10am to 6:30pm.

Animations are also planned.

In Hauts-de-France and thanks to the 100% Picard market of Saint-leu-d'Esserent and Saint-Maximim, I eat local .... and you?

The Nogent Beer festival - Nogent-sur-Oise (Oise) at the indoor market gym from Friday, May 31 at 5 pm

For its second edition, the city of Nogent sur Oise and the association Les Temps d'Arts invites you to discover the brewing culture in a festive and friendly atmosphere. In the program :
- Tastings and sales of regional craft beers. 13 local brewers will be present to help you discover the various flavors of beer,
- Conferences and workshops: discovering the origins of beer, making beer step by step with live brewing demonstration,
- Children's entertainment with educational workshops,
- Concerts of various influences that will punctuate the festival,
- A diverse and varied local catering.

So Chips - The "Fine Picarde" approved by "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"

Julie and Stéphane Gérard created So'Chips. They produce in Longueil-Sainte-Marie in the Oise.

The potatoes are picardes, the transformation is local, cooking is done in the cauldron. A little salt ... and that's all!

The "Fine Picarde" is approved "Terroirs Hauts-de-France" and it is now available for your aperitifs with friends!

Learn more

Baie de Somme - This is the season of marine plants

So enjoy their flavors and their high content of minerals and trace elements!

Asters maritimes ("Oreilles de cochon" - pig's ears), Salicornes ("passepierre"), Obione or maritime sodas ("pompons") are the 4 main marine plants of the Baie de Somme.

We are in the peak season of the Aster Maritime. Raw in salad or pan-fried like spinach with a little garlic, it's a treasure of benefits and flavors. So enjoy it !

Every day fishermen on foot, true gardeners of the Bay, will pick for you to propose them. The season is short so do not wait.

Many restaurants in Picardie maritime offer marine plants in their menus, do not hesitate to taste them.

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Open House at Fanny and Bertrand Fagot in "Condé en Brie" (Aisne)

In Condé en Brie (Aisne) between Château-Thierry and Epernay on the 1st and 2nd of June, Fanny and Bertrand Fagot open the doors of their duck farm. Many animations on the program:

- farmers markets,

- artisans, tastings,

- carriage rides,

With a meal-concert on Sunday.

Book your weekend to discover this farm and the Marne Valley in which one bottle in ten of Champagne is produced.

Open House at "Spiruline de Marc" in Saint-Léger-les-Authie (Somme) May 25th and 26th

Saturday, May 25 from 2 to 6 pm - Sunday, May 26, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm

Spirulina intrigues you? Its virtues have been known for centuries and yet we do not really know what it is and how it is produced. That's why Marc Hossart decided to open his doors so that after a 30-minute visit you understand how this micro-alga grows, how it is dried and why it is a treasure of benefits. The nutritional virtues of this exceptional micro alga, well known by athletes, and recognized worldwide, will have no secret for you.

These open doors will also be an opportunity to introduce Spirulina products; fruit pastes elaborated by the "Chocolats de Nicolas", from Plachy-Buyon, and a soap with spirulina imagined by the "Savonnerie des Haut de France" of Salouël. This soap will be sold for the first time at the open house. To know more

Contact : La spiruline de Marc - 2 bis grande rue - 80560 Saint Léger les Authie - - Tél : 06 81 71 83 18

17, 18 and 19 May - 1st Farmer's Market at the Abbey of Chaalis (Oise)

From Friday to Sunday at the Abbey of Chaalis (60300 - Ermenonville-Oise) will be held the first "Pari Fermier".

Come and find new producers and new products on an exceptional site: Chaalis Abbey.

This old Cistercian abbey bucolic charm will delight lovers of nature, old stones and soil.

So, gourmets, all at Chaalis Abbey this weekend !

Find the list of producers present

Access: By the northern motorway (A1), exit n ° 7, direction Saint-Witz and Ermenonville, facing the Sable Sea or 10 km from Senlis from the A1. From Lille, exit N ° 8, direction Ermenonville. By the N2 exit Le Plessis-Belleville then direction Ermenonville.

In Dancourt-Popincourt, Mam'Zelle popinette enjoy us with her yogurts!

Last round of the carousel. Another good day of production.
My record is broken, 5480 yogurts made today!

Watch the video

Learn more

For information :

Farm sale: opening hours: Wednesday and Friday from 16:00 to 19:00; Saturday from 9:00 to 12:30
Products: yogurt, white cheese, faisselles, pasteurized milk

Domaine Picard invites you to an exceptional moment of sharing

Georges-Etienne Vandamme, Domaine Picard, invites you to an exceptional moment of conviviality and sharing. So join us and discover the secrets of making pâté picard with a fork!

Open your ears and your taste buds: GEVD (and not JCVD) has an announcement to make and a greedy invitation to propose.

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Plant Days at Chantilly (Oise) - May 17-19, 2019

In the sumptuous "English Garden" of the castle park, the whole of Europe gardeners meet.

The Regional Council Hauts-de-France will have its stand as every year and the brands "Saveurs en Or" and "Terroirs Hauts-de-France" will present a selection of iconic products: honeys, waffles, terrines, Beans of Soissons, Lingots of the Nord IGP, beers, ciders, sparkling rhubarb beverage but also elder syrup ...

A "Photobox" will allow you to leave with your photo in front of one of the remarkable sites of our region.

So, come visit us stand 85. Learn more about plant days and buy your discounted ticket

Animations around gastronomy at the "Moulin des Ecrevisses" in Ailly sur Noye (80)

Save the date ! ... Saturday, May 4 from 10 am to 6 pm in Ailly-sur-Noye (Somme) - The Moulin des Ecrevisses, in partnership with the municipality of Ailly-sur-Noye and the Tourist Office Avre Luce Noye, proposes a lot of animations around the gastronomy with on the program:

- A Picardy producers market,

- A "Ficelles picardes" contest,

- Cooking workshop for children: The "petits toqués" from 7 to 12 years can learn about cooking in the kitchen of Moulin des Écrevisses! (reservation at the "Moulin des Écrevisses" by mail at or by phone at 03 22 90 21 69 - limited places)

"Ficelles picardes" contest: terms, registration and payment available at the Tourist Office Avre Luce Noye - 1 rue du Docteur Binant - 80250 Ailly-sur-Noye - Tel. 03 22 41 58 72 - Mail. - Web. - To know more

We will soon give you the list of producers who will be present.

Picardy, cathedrals land - Operation "Cathédrales solidaires"

In Picardy, the craftsmen are in solidarity with the master builders. Thank you for sharing this publication widely.

Maison Trogneux is mobilizing and 100% of the sale price will be donated to the "Fondation du Patrimoine" to help rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Thus, Maison Trogneux, and all of its master chocolatiers whose factory is located a few hundred meters from the cathedral of Amiens, recreated spontaneously in the night of Monday to Tuesday one of their products the "facade of Notre-Dame d’Amiens" in chocolate (5 €).

100% of the sale price (and not the profit!) Will be donated to the subscription of the "Fondation du Patrimoine".

Already 1000 cathedrals were sold in 2 days in the 9 physical sales points and on the Trogneux website. This operation "Cathédrales solidaires" allows everyone to take action, on their own scale, to rebuild Notre-Dame from Paris.

To know all the points of sale:

Producers and products of the region present at Anzac Day April 25 in Villers Bretonneux (Somme)

A few kilometers from Amiens, every year on April 25, the Australians and New Zealanders commemorate ANZAC Day in memory of the fallen soldiers in the Somme during the First World War between 1914 and 1918. For the first time, the products from the region will be associated with this event, producers will be present in the city center until 12:30 pmGuillaume Leulier, Cueillette en Baie de Somme, Etienne Devantoy Brasserie Charles et Vianney, - Maison Trogneux, Macaroons, Philippe Bequet, products of the beehive.

ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) is an Army Corps of Australians and New Zealanders during the First World War. These troops, whose first important action took place in Gallipoli on April 25, 1915 - the date witch set the annual commemoration - also fought on the Western Front during the Great War, particularly in the Somme, in Villers-Bretonneux, where they have distinguished themselves. The ANZAC Day ceremony, the "Dawn service", is organized annually by the Australian state. It celebrates the memory of the soldiers who fought during the famous battle of Gallipoli, but also all those engaged on the fronts of the Somme during the Great War. On the occasion of Dawn Service, nearly 8,000 participants are expected during this moving ceremony.

23h15: Start of the shuttles
23h30: Opening of Glisy car park
0h00: Opening of the site
2h00: Beginning of the pre-program
4:30 am: Closing of public access
5.30 am: Beginning of the ceremony
8:30 am: Ceremony at the War Memorial (downtown Villers-Bretonneux). To find out more and get your pass required

Open Doors - Saveurs d'escargots - Sentelie (Somme)

Sunday, April 28 from 10:00 to 18:00
Romain Godefroy opens the doors of his breeding of horned animals ... You will discover his passion for the thousands of animals that graze at his place ... After this visit, you will know all about ... Snails!

Of course, it is possible to taste them Burgundy but Romain presents them in many other ways ... sausage, garlic cream, leek fondue, tapenade but also hot pepper for aperitif ...

With Romain, at least you are certain that your snails come from our region! Other Bienvenue à la Ferme producers will also be present.

So, Sunday, April 28, all in Sentelie!  To learn more

The Coulommiers Fair (77) - April 12 to 15, 2019

Place "La Sucrerie" - 77 rue du General Leclerc - Friday, April 12: 9:30 to 21:00 - Saturday 13 and Sunday, April 14: 9:30 to 20:00 - Monday, April 15: 9:30 to 17:00

350 exhibitors meet the 60,000 visitors to the cheese and wine fair. This year, the Hauts-de-France will be the region under the spotlight with the marquee "Terroir" stands 197 to 212.

Present producers: Brasserie des 3 loups (beers) + Distillerie Persyn (juniper) + Laiterie des 2 fermes (maroilles) + Tricart Frédéric (garlic smoked from Arleux) + Maison Despinoy (bêtises de Cambrai) + France Terroir (pies and croque maroilles, maroilles and boulette d'Avesnes) + Champagne Daniel Gerbaux + Champagne Leclère-Torrens + Miellerie de la Divette + la Confrérie du Maroilles (Friday only) and regional brands "Saveurs en Or" and "Terroirs Hauts-de-France".

We are all waiting for you at Coulommiers from Friday.

International meeting of kites in Berck sur Mer

Until April 14th.

On the occasion of your visit to Berck, a visit is required at "Comptoir de l'Authie".

Jerome is waiting for you to make you discover all the gastronomic specialties of our region. He is unbeatable and knows all the producers, so he will be the best advisor. Beers, terrines, jams and other biscuits have no secrets for him ... but he has another string to his bow: cheese ... in his other establishment, he will make you discover the immense taste palette of our regional cheeses.

In Hauts-de-France and with Jerome and the "Comptoir de l'Authie" in particular, I eat local ... and you?

To find out more - The "Comptoir de l'Authie" Jerome Roussel - 53 rue Carnot 62600 Berck-sur-Mer

Printemps de la Bière (Beer Spring) - Sunday, April 7, 2019

An event not to be missed! At Ermenonville Park (Oise) - Entrance : Place Clemenceau - from 9:30 to 18:00.

Thanks to Guillaume Leulier au Temps des Mets in Abbeville for this organization.

Of course, even the best beers are tasted in moderation.

Farmers market in Nouvion en Ponthieu

Nouvion in Ponthieu (Somme)
Saturday, April 6 from 16:00 to 18:00, find farmers who offer their own products

- Christelle Fromentin, Alex De Quend, Emmanuel Evelyne Decayeux,

- Marie Nicolai and the others ...

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month they offer you seasonal organic or local products.

So, do not hesitate to visit them at Nouvion en Ponthieu!

Trogneux House is one of the symbol of the city of Amiens

Since 1872, it has delighted the taste buds of young and old with its entire range of macaroons and chocolates.

Trogneux House, a family saga. The first, Jean-Baptiste, was a pastry baker settled in downtown Amiens, in the district Gambetta-Delambre-Dumeril (where is the current confectionery), he realizes puffs and desserts. Later, he will also propose the famous "macaroons of Amiens" which partly made the fame of the family. The second generation continues the work of the founder, enlarges the shop. The third generation, John's, second name, knows war and destruction. Afterwards, it is Jean-Alexandre who takes the reins of the House and recently Jean-Baptiste.

A kick of youth in the productions ... the fish of April are now "breaded" .. and guaranteed without edges: Milk chocolate covered with hazelnuts, almonds and caramelized speculoos ... Bravo, Jean-Baptiste!

Thank you to Courrier Picard for the photo of Jean-Alexandre and Jean-Baptiste.

To know more

Nicolas's Chocolates open the doors of their workshop

Plachy-Buyon (a few kilometers from Amiens), 1 big rue du Hameau de Buyon - Sunday, April 7th from 10am to 5pm.

Since Easter is fast approaching, Nicolas Haag Wallet opens the doors of his workshop.

You will be able to discover all the magic of chocolate work.

On reservation, you can also share breakfast with Nicolas Haag Wallet (registration 03 64 26 48 86).

Come admire the work done by this artist. So, everyone at Plachy-Buyon this Sunday.

Learn more

Wednesday March 27th: National Cheese Day

What would be a day without cheese? A very sad day! Our region has many cheese specialties. honor is due to the Maroilles. Produced in Thiérache, this cheese recognized by Protected Designation of Origin (PDO (AOP in french)), may be raw milk (farm produce) or pasteurized (manufacturing). It is obviously eaten on a platter but also in flamiche and many culinary variations. Many other cheeses are produced in the region. With Cow's milk: Rollot, manicamp, tommes with hay, cider, fenugrec, plain Brays Picards and linseed, blue pavé, Mont des Cats, Wimeux foam, mimolette ... With goat milk and recently with sheep's milk: crusts, washed crusts, soft pasta, cooked pressed pasta ....

You have a very wide choice, so do not hesitate, enjoy yourself and delight your guests. To learn more about Terroir cheese producers Hauts-de-France. Many Relais Terroirs offer you cheeses and make up for you regional dishes. Find the one near you.

Friday 29th March in Bresles (Oise) between Beauvais and Clermont

The producers will give you an appointment one more time at "Place du Linciau" from 4.30pm.

Come and buy seasonal products directly from producers.

To buy at the Flavor Market means to fight for a local and qualitative food, paying enough producers.

So, everyone in Bresles on Friday, March 29th!

Every day a feast, a celebration, an event and a culinary specialty...

Since 2006, March 20th has been dedicated to the (international) celebration of the macaroon. So, let's celebrate the Macaroon of Amiens!

A specialty of Amiens since the 16th century, introduced by Catherine de Medici, it still knows a prestigious success. It is the emblematic product of the city.
The recipe, composed only of natural products, has not changed since 1872: Almonds Valencias, sugar, honey, egg white, sweet almond oil and bitter almonds (no preservatives or dyes).

If Maison Trogneux is the most famous, other producers also make it, each having its specificity.

To discover the Terroirs Hauts-de-France approved producers of Macaroons from Amiens

"Madame Popinette" makes 10,000 yogurts every week in Dancourt-Popincourt

Article excerpt from Courrier Picard.

Her dairy products are diversifying. After the arrival of yogurts, faisselles or even whole milk, Caroline Binant has developed recipes of rice pudding or cream dessert with speculos. She is also working on new yoghurt flavors. "But I will not make butter or cheese", says Caroline Binant, the one that some customers now call "Madame Popinette". The former dietician does not regret her change of career. "We quickly took off in 2015. We are happy." Thanks to Courrier Picard for this article.

View it in fullLearn more about products

The Hauts-de-France were particularly honored for this 2019 edition of the International Exhibition of Agriculture.

Imminence, Blue of the North, the cow of this show, had many visitors: for this 56th edition, 633 213 visitors came on the International Exhibition of Agriculture!

The Hauts-de-France area, at the entrance of the Hall of the Regions, honnor the products under official signs of quality, including cooking and fishing demonstrations and local products.
The catering and promotion stand once again delighted the visitors who came for lunch, by the quality of the products offered and the welcome given to customers. Some 1460 meals were served in this promoting regional brands  Terroirs Hauts-de-France and Saveurs en'Or area, products under signs of quality and iconic products of the region. More and more loyal customers come back to eat there every year.

The shop linked to it has also been very successful with a range of products: more than 100 products mainly Terroirs Hauts-de-France and Saveurs en'Or presented. More than 1600 customers took advantage of this beautiful showcase.

"Bienvenue à la ferme", has brilliantly defended the "Eat Farmer" with a promotional stand that included a food court and takeaway products. Over 800 meals and 240 sandwiches served. Despite a slight drop in takeaway products, the first French brand for direct sales and sales at the farm responded to visitors' expectations thanks to the involvement of 8 men and women farmers.

In addition, there were 9 company stands in the region: beers, confectionery, chocolates, canned goods, maroilles and potatoes delighted the taste buds of visitors.

You could not come this year? You can always consult the folder of the animations that took place there.

See you in 2020 from February 22nd to March 1st!


"Bienvenue à la ferme Hauts-de-France" (Welcome to the farm in Hauts-de-France) map - Edition 2019

Looking for a good address for:

- Discover local products,

- Visit a farm,

- Find a leisure activity or accommodation ...

The regional map "Bienvenue à la ferme Hauts-de-France", offers you all this at a glance.

Contact: Anne Halgand - Chambre Régionale d'Agriculture Hauts-de-France

Pasta from Marie-Claire flour and Marc Desjardins approved by Terroirs Hauts-de-France

Marie-Claire and Marc Desjardins produce spelt from Froyelles in the western Somme. They set up a stone grinding mill on their farm, 1 rue Madame, to turn the grain into flour. They offer different forms adapted to different uses.

At the last approval committee, Terroirs Hauts-de-France, they proposed "coquillettes", twists and penne made with their flour.

Complete and succulent pasta that the juries have enjoyed. Three new products Terroirs Hauts-de-France!

To taste without moderation. To learn more

Christophe Bénard is a professional beekeeper in Grand Rozoy (02)

His bees, gathered in 180 hives, produce over the seasons all flowers honey, but also monofloral honey (lime, acacia, chestnut).

On Thursday, he presented his various honeys to the Terroirs Hauts-de-France accreditation committee.

They have all been certified with grades above 15... this young beekeeper's work is very promising! Congratulations to him!

Once again, the Hauts-de-France region proves that it is possible to make excellent honey north of the Seine!

To learn more

Two organic oils were approved at the last Accreditation Committee

At the last accreditation committee, rapeseed oil and organic linseed oil from Richard Vilbert, a farmer in Rubempre in the Somme, were approved.

Since 2009, Richard Vilbert has gradually converted his land into organic production. "The transition from conventional to organic is a long hard work," says Richard, "a belief that comes from the land, the one we hold: just like anybody has a part of peasant in him, every farmer has a part of bio in him! "

These two oils are "first cold pressed", pressed on the farm with a screw press that rotates very slowly to better respect the product.

Organic rapeseed oil is rich in Omega 3! It participates in the proper functioning of the brain, protects our cells from aging and helps fight against bad cholesterol!

Organic Linseed Oil is consumed either in the morning to take a lot of omega 3 (a teaspoon) or in vinaigrette. It must not be heated or cooked. You can put some in the food in the dish or on the plate.
Once the bottle is opened, it must be kept in the refrigerator.

To learn more

Find the Domaine Picard at the International Exhibition of Catering and Hospitality

At Lyon Exhibition Park Eurexpo from January 26 to January 30, 2019 will be held the International Exhibition of Catering and Hospitality (SIRHA)
The Hauts-de-France region will be present along with several companies.

Domaine Picard will present its products for the first time to visitors of this show. This company, which specializes in the manufacture of charcuterie products, has acquired a solid reputation thanks to original recipes, in particular the "Pâté picard" mixed with a fork at half cooking and its "veined salted" hams.

So, professional visitors, do not hesitate to visit them and taste their products HALL 2.1 STAND 1.J.28

Learn more

Lyon Sihra Eurexpo from 26 to 30 January, the best of gastronomy will be gathered for this important trade show.

Of course, Maison Bayard, goldsmiths of the potato will be there to present its wide range.

Yesterday, at a committee of approval varieties rose Lily, Andean sunside (to make mashed potatoes of an extraordinary yellow hue!), Prunelle Blaue St Gallen and Violet Queen (two magnificent varieties of potatoes of a blue deep) have been approved Terroirs Hauts-de-France.

Many chefs trust Bayard House, do like them!

Maison Bayard is a member of the Culinary College of France, a sign of quality!

House Bayard: Building 1 Stand J 34

Learn more

Feed your fireplaces, wood burning stoves with compressed wood logs

First day of snow in Hauts-de-France. Fireplaces, wood stoves and stoves will work.
Why not feed them with compressed wood logs?

In Méricourt-en-Vimeu, Gilles de Poncins values ​​the branches of the hard woods of his forests like that. Logs of compressed wood are energy efficient. Kali logs are practical, do not dirty and last a long time, there are many reasons to use them!

Learn more

Endive, the vegetable "king" of our winters!

Since 1953, the Oger family produces it at Noyelles-en-Chaussée in the Somme endive.

We all know endive or chicory in the form of a pretty vegetable with white leaves that can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in many forms.
But we know that everything begins outside by the culture of the roots which, once put in "forcing" with the black, will give birth to the leaves which we will consume.
Finally, we have no idea of ​​the number of human interventions needed to reach the packaging. We must transplant the endives to start the forcing, then "break" the upper part to detach the white leaves, to keep only the beautiful part of the leaves ..... This is why the endive producers participate in maintaining of life in our villages by creating many jobs, not relocatable!

I am sure that you will not look at endives in the same way anymore.

To know more

International Agricultural Show: Come and meet us in Hall 3

From February 23 to March 3 will be held the International Exhibition of Agriculture at the Parc des Expositions Paris - Porte de Versailles.

It is a beautiful "bleue du Nord", which was been chosen as the cow of SIA 2019. Its name is Imminence and comes from Saint-Aubin in the Avesnois-Tiérache. You can see it in Hall 1.

The region Hauts-de-France will be present. The main theme chosen this year is: products with official signs of quality. You will discover on the stand PDOs, PGIs, products from organic farming, red labels of our region.
The tasting-restoration area will showcase them through cold or hot plates. You can also find them at the shop.
Throughout the week, the sectors and the hotel schools will collaborate to make you appreciate all these products

Come to discover and enjoy them!

Spirulina to strengthen our immune defenses!

This morning, it's cold in Hauts-de-France! So, why not strengthen our immune defenses by using a natural product, spirulina?
Marc Hossart, farmer in Saint-Léger Authie in the Somme, produces it for you. Spirulina is a 100% natural food that contains more protein than meat, more iron than spinach, more vitamin A than carrots and more calcium than milk.
To consume preferably in the morning, associated with a source of vitamin C. According to your physical activity, you can consume 3 to 5 grams per day by starting the cure progressively.
Marc Hossart offers his spirulina in three forms: traditional, crunchy and powdered to make smoothies or integrated into culinary preparations.

To know more

Share your local recipes and try to win a gourmet basket made in Hauts-de-France!

The region Hauts-de-France, first agricultural region of France, is full of tasty products. During the month of January, share your local recipes and try to win a basket made in Hauts-de-France!

To promote the great diversity of Hauts-de-France products, the Region proposes to make a recipe from at least two of these three ingredients: Haricots de Soissons or Iingots du Nord, pre-salted lamb from the Bay of  Somme and Genever Flandres Artois. Be original and surprise us before January 20, 2019!

Put on your apron and fill in the fields below, without forgetting to download the photo of your recipe.

From January 20 to 27, 2019, vote for your favorite recipe on our dedicated Facebook photo album.

The winner will be announced the following week and will win a gourmet basket of "Produits Saveur en Or" and Terroirs Hauts-de-France.

At your stoves!

Download your recipe here

To start the year well, a detox cure is required!

During the holiday season, you may have made some excesses ... So to start the year, a detox cure is required!
No need for pharmaceuticals, for you, Galiane harvests birch sap every year in its forests. Birch sap will help your liver get back in shape and purify your body.
At the rate of 10 cl each morning for 15 days, you will leave on a good basis.
So do not hesitate!
To know more

You want to offer or eat chocolates and cakes of good quality?

At the end of this year, many of you will want to eat or offer quality chocolate and biscuits. Local producers are there to give you complete satisfaction and above all to guarantee the quality and the origin of the productions. So, do not hesitate, make them visit, they are waiting for you!

You can also find their products in the Terroirs sales outlets.

To learn more about cookies - about macaroons et chocolates - Coeurs de picardie

To find the Terroirs sales outlets nearest you

Foie gras and snails: the most popular dishes for the happy festive season.

So, to be certain of the origin of the products you will taste, buy them directly from the producers or the Terroirs sales outlets.

Throughout the year, Fanny and Bertrand Fagot in Condé-en-Brie (Aisne), and Samuel Roeland in Trélou-sur-Marne (Aisne), raise ducks for your pleasure and transform them into succulent preparations.

Romain Godefroy, meanwhile, raises snails in Sentelie (Somme), "à la bourguignonne", with spicy oil, in "croquilles", with pudding or cream of garlic, there is something for everyone!

To learn more on :

Saveurs d'escargots - Romain Godefroy

Les canardises des 3 vallées -  Fanny et Bertrand Fagot

La ferme du Moulin - Samuel Roeland

Les relais Terroirs Hauts-de-France

Mr and Mrs Héripré are waiting for you in their new shop in Flers sur noye.

Maison Héripré Volailles is an institution in Amiens. Daniel Heripré, the father and Héripré Guillaume prove every day that craftsmen have gold in their hands.
The products are always succulent and many of you appreciate them.

For your holiday meals, Guillaume Héripré makes delicious products made from local ingredients in his workshop.

His inventive spirit is often supported by Daniel. Thus, they have revisited for us the white pudding and we propose the white pudding with the "gâteau battu", a pure delight!

So, opening a shop in Flers sur Noye is a news that will delight many of you.

From Wednesday to Sunday morning, Martine and Daniel Héripré will welcome you for your greatest pleasure.

The Heréripré House - the Artisan of local products in Flers-sur-Noye will be quickly a key address of the Grand Amienois!

Learn more