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2017 "Hauts-de-France" terroirs News

"Parlons Saisons" magazine #12

Discover the new issue of the magazine from the Hauts-de-France promotion committee with topics, reports, highlight the products from our regions.

In this issue concocted to present the local products and our brands - Terroirs Hauts-de-France and Bienvenue à la ferme – you will find :

- A topic : The best of the farm  on hand,

- Presentations of products : mohair (Nord), Chocolate Charlotte (Nord), yoghurts « Mam’zelle Popinette » (Somme) , ice-creams from la Barbi’quette (Oise),

- Reports : « The Canardises from the 3 Vallées (Aisne), the self-service on a tray (Nord), the bean from Soissons, the bet of the mushroom, the sea buckthorn (Somme)

- A part about nutrition : the yoghurt, by Pasteur Institute

- Recipes and a seasons-calendar

If you want to receive freely this issue and the next ones, thanks to send a mail to Anne Halgand, Committee of Promotion of products from Picardie. Download the magazine Parlons Saisons #12

6 pastry chefs from our region commemorate in their own way the centenary of the Great War on the occasion of the epiphany

The pancakes kings will be this year filled with beans created for the occasion. They illustrate for most of the events of 1918.

You can find them in Ailly-sur-Noye in the House of Van de Moortele, Albert in the Catoire House, Amiens in Mulhauser and Vandamme Houses, Corbie in Langlet House, Salouel in Maison Hébert.

The fabophiles (bean collectors) will still be numerous to want to own them. Alain Langlet, the pastry chef of Corbie, at the initiative of the creation of these commemorative beans, is willing, as the other years, to give or to send to collectors. To contact him: or at the bakery 03 22 48 40 28. The beans will be sold at a price of 2.5 € each.

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For Christmas, of course you can offer candies from large companies .... But, you can also go to passionate professionals who are constantly elaborating new products for your enjoyment!

In Amiens and St Quentin, Arras and Lille, Trogneux's offers you its "tuiles" (kind of biscuit) and macaroons.

In Amiens and Plachy-Buyon (80), Nicolas Haag prepares macaroons, "tuiles", fruit jellies and his famous "Sweets of Hortillons".

In Corbie (80) Alain Langlet makes "Macaroons from Amiens" and "Pavés Picards" but also many biscuits with raspberry,

At Talmas, Paul Lescot is full of imagination. At Attichy (60) Isabelle and Benoit Amiel, "Biscuiterie La Pierre qui Tourne" concoct succulent original biscuits made with ingredients from organic farming. In Montaigu (02) Justine and Aurélien Santerre will make you discover "Les Merlettes", delicious chocolates they have imagined for the city of Laon. For more information on biscuits and macaroons

This is the final stretch ... for last-minute gifts ... think of the Relais Terroirs Hauts-de-France!

We are in the final stretch before Christmas. Once again, you are missing some gifts .... Whether you are in the Aisne, the Oise, the Somme or in Berck sur mer, there is a Relais Terroirs Hauts-de-France near you to offer local products that will please your family or friends!
Jérôme, Virginie, Savine, Frederic, Mylène, Lydia, Vréni, Justine and all the others, by the links which unite them to the producers will make you share their passion for local products.

In the Hauts-de-France, I eat local ... and you?

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Your family's end-of-year season by the fireplace

Plan your Christmas firelogs in compressed wood of course! Produced in our region in Méricourt en Vimeu in the Somme from hardwoods, Kali firelogs will enchant your evenings!

Space saving, cleanliness, heating time and ease of supply, these are the main qualities of Kali firelogs. Thanks to its very low moisture content (around 8%) KALI has a heating value 3 to 4 times higher than that of traditional wood. KALI produces a durable and stable heat. KALI is manufactured without any additives from crushed and densified wood chips at very high pressure. KALI has perfect combustion and produces virtually no ashes. KALI firelog pollutes much less than traditional firewood. Do not store your firewood anymore! have a free delivery in 24h!

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Brewing workshop with the Ecol'aux Mousses Brewery

An original gift idea for Christmas: learn to brew a beer to your taste. This is what the Ecol'Aux Mousses brewery offers you in Compiègne in the Oise. Accompanied by a professional, prepare and produce 20 liters of beer according to a personal recipe by giving free rein to your imagination or by inspiring you with your favorite beers. During this initiation, after a theoretical part, you will practice your desires in a brewing workshop made for you.

Registration to this fun and tasty workshop allows you to come with two people without any additional cost, to brew 20 liters of beer that you will recover a few weeks later.

So, for Christmas, make an original gift and brew as you like! Of course, beer is consumed in moderation! Learn more

Sébastien Porquet gives us one of his recipes of pre-salt leg of lamb ... in image

It is a dish that is often prepared for the Easter holidays but why not offer it to your guests for Christmas? Especially in our region we have two sources of supply: The Baie de Somme and its "pre-salt" sector but also many sheep farmers in the Oise and Aisne particularly.

Thanks to Sebastien Porquet, Head of the Table Corderies in Saint-Valery sur Somme for the recipe he made for the show "Météo à la carte". Enjoy and happy holidays!

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Game for the end of year holidays ... Why not!

You are certainly starting to wonder what you are going to prepare for your family and friends for Christmas meal. Why not make them discover game meat. Recipes are numerous and can be prepared in advance or at the last moment.

A company based in Compiègne has been collecting wild game meat from our region for many years.

Picardie Venaison can meet all your expectations, so do not hesitate. You will be guaranteed to taste local, wild meat that has undergone all legal veterinary checks. You will also find terrines all more succulent than the others ... Read more

Christmas market on the farm in the Oise

Saturday, December 16, 2017 from 9am to 7pm, at the "Ferme des 4 saisons" - 597 rue de Beauvais - 60710 Chevrières.

Come and discover the charms of a Christmas market on the farm. A family friendly day in the midst of animals.

Many local producers and artisans present.

Animations will be proposed: discoveries of the animals of the educational farm, arrival of Santa Claus, make-up for children, Christmas pictures ...

Catering possible on the spot (midday and evening) or take away, on reservation: 06 23 80 94 75. Come all.

Innov'Agritourisme Contest - The new ideas of Farm Tourism

In Hauts-de-France, agritourism activities are numerous and sometimes unknown.

This competition, organized by the Chambers of Agriculture of Hauts-de-France, aims to highlight the wealth of these agritourism offers to meet the new expectations of visitors and to communicate on the dynamism of this sector. the region.
Many partners have joined this competition to reward the most innovative initiatives.
Farmers of the Hauts-de-France, participate by highlighting the actions you lead or the projects being finalized!
High school students and students of agricultural or tourist establishments compete in the category "Project seed"

Learn more and download all the files (in french)

The Local Products Shop of Coucy-le-Château (Aisne) is present on the Christmas Village of Saint-Quentin

From the 9th of December to the 7th of January, meet Savine Lefevre at the Christmas Village of Saint-Quentin in the Aisne.

For a few weeks, Savine is going to leave her shop in Coucy-le-Château to put at your disposal many local products that she has selected for you.

Real ambassador of products (Do not forget that she owned for a very long time a Hotel-restaurant in Coucy) and producers, she will perfectly guide you in your research and your choices.

Then go to his cottage on the square of the town hall of Saint-Quentin and enjoy all the events offered by the town hall for your enjoyment. Learn more.

Find schedules and information.

The regional brand "Terroirs de Picardie" is part of the new regional dynamic by changing its name and logo.
Recognized by consumers and professionals, the collective brand "Terroirs Haut-de-France" will remain based on a set of specifications whose main elements are:
- local production and processing of raw materials from our region,
- an approval of the products by an independent Tasting Committee,
- the control by an external certifying body
 which guarantees consumers compliance with the specifications by the producers.
We know that you will postpone the trust you have placed in "Terroirs de Picardie" for years with this new "Terroirs Hauts-de-France" brand now open to farmers, artisans and companies from the five departments of our region.
Thank you for your confidence.

The "Canardises des Trois Vallées" at the Reims Christmas Market

It's time... the Christmas markets are opening their doors. In Reims, from November 23 to December 27.

Products from the south of the Aisne will be presented at the "Canardises des Trois Vallées" of Condé-en-Brie which will have their own cottage.

Located on the left wing of the Cathedral and the beautiful "Angel with a smile") the cottage n ° 29 offers you direct from the producer his products derived from fat ducks and transformed by Fanny and Bertrand Fagot.

Fresh or preserved in the jars "Le Parfait", the products of the "Canardises" are absolutely delicious. In Hauts-de-France and in Reims in particular, I eat local ... what about you?

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Flavors Market - Friday, November 24 in Bresles (Oise)

From 4:30pm to 7:30pm in Bresles (Beauvais and Clermont) - Place du Linciau - under the Halle. For the third time, find many local producers at the "Flavor Market" who will offer you their products directly.

Mrs de Caffarelli, "Le poulailler de Chaussoy" will offer you its eggs from outdoor that have just been approved Monday morning "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"! Large size (L) with beautiful "ocher" coloured yellows. These eggs were appreciated by the tasters. Congratulations to these breeders who bounced back after the fire that ravaged their farm two years ago.

Fatima Corpet offers her ciders and jams, Virginie Coin, her maroilles pies, her "cœurs de picardie", Grégory Houet his poultry and youngsters (an exceptional dish to book ...).

You will also find the apples of Eric Vandromme, the cress of MM. Lennzi and Bonvalet, Mr. Kunnert's snails, Mr. Beaudoin's organic cheeses, Mrs. Laly's yogurts, Carole Gobert's beef and veal preserves and many other products ...

Champagne Day in Hauts-de-France - Friday, November 24 (Registration required)

Friday, November 24 from 2:00pm to 8:00pm at the headquarters of the Regional Council Hauts-de-France, Lille.

Second producing region of Champagne with nearly 3200 Ha of vines, the vine growers of the Marne Valley, around Château-Thierry, will make you discover their productions.

This free event is open to consumers who have registered in advance through this link:

Geoffrey ORBAN will lead a tasting workshop during which he will make you appreciate alliances between local products and Champagne.

In Hauts-de-France and Lille in particular, I eat local ... and you?

Champagne is drunk, of course, with moderation.

Last foie gras workshop in Condé en Brie (Aisne)

There is still some places left for the last FOIE GRAS WORKSHOP of the year, at "Les Canardises des 3 Vallées" in Condé en Brie, which will take place on November 25th from 9:30 to 2:00pm. It is a few kilometers from Château-Thierry.
The foie gras is going to be a rare product this year. To be certain of its origin, nothing like buying directly from a producer. There are several in our region.
And why do not prepare it yourself? Fanny Fagot offers to teach you how to do it ...
Prepare your own foie gras in terrine. A gourmet meal completes this morning rich in learning and good mood. Reservation required by: - Participation: 85 € - 

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The "Chocolats de Nicolas" Open House Day - Sunday, November 26

A master Chocolatier opens its doors, take the opportunity to discover all the work behind these few grams of taste happiness ....

D - 6 before the day "Open doors" of the laboratory of "les Chocolats de Nicolas". It will be held on Sunday, November 26, 2017.
Come to Buyon (Plachy Buyon) from 10:00am to 17:00pm to discover the world of Nicolas and other artisans, all passionate.

We hope lots of you. Not to be missed !

See you on Sunday.

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The Brewery "Au Coeur du Malt"

Will be present on the Christmas market of the Abbays of Chaalis (Oise) November 18 and 19.

On this occasion you can enjoy our Christmas beer under pressure.

We will also offer tasting boxes with Christmas beer, They will allow you to make an original and successful gift for the holiday season.

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Offering local products for the festive season...

We will soon be arriving at the festive season ... So, if you don't want to run at the last moment to find gifts, it is time to think about it and make purchases. Why don't offer local products? They will allow to share moments of conviviality around a drink or a dish.

The "Relais Terroirs" are all points of sale that will allow you to find good products, to be guided in your choices and to receive beautiful gift baskets.

So, do not hesitate to visit these passionate of products who will share with you their passion and their knowledge.

There must be a "Relais Terroirs" near you! Find all addresses

Christmas market on the farm in the Oise

Saturday, December 16, 2017 from 9:00am to 7:00pm, at the "Ferme des 4 saisons" - 597 rue de Beauvais - 60710 Chevrières.

Come and discover the charms of a Christmas market on the farm. A family friendly day in the midst of animals.

Many local producers and artisans will be present.

A lot of animations will be proposed: discoveries of the animals of the educational farm, arrival of Santa Claus, make-up for children, Christmas pictures ...

Catering possible on the spot (midday and evening) or take away, on reservation: 06 23 80 94 75. Come all.

Another idea for festive season...

A tasting on Friday, November 10 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., in the Oise, in Crèvecoeur le Grand (60360), at "Coeur de Picardie" Avenue du Château.

Come and enjoy smoked salmon in the Oise.

With Virginie Coin Beauchamps, there is always something new!

To know more

Gin from the Hautefeuille distillery in the Somme ... an original gift!

To avoid running at the last minute to find gifts, it's time to think about it and shop. Why don't offer local products? They will share moments of conviviality around a drink or a dish.

Gin, an original idea that will surprise! The "Distillerie d'Hautefeuille" is located in the castle farm - 3, rue Saint Antoine 80110 Beaucourt-en-Santerre. Étienne d'Hautefeuille and Gaël Mordac have teamed up to offer you an exceptional gin: The Gin "L'Audacieux".

Distillers have combined barley with many aromatic plants grown in maritime Picardy and juniper berries to obtain a very fresh gin with pronounced notes of elderflower. It is ideally served alone or simply accompanied by a tonic and a zest of lemon. So for Christmas, be bold, give Gin L'Audacieux! Remember, however, that it has to be consumed in moderation. You can find it directly at:

The distillery in Beaucourt-en-Santerre, the "Martigny and sons" shop - Gaël Mordac in Amiens, the "Temps des Mets" shop in Abbeville - Guillaume Leulier.

To know more.

The meetings with terroir - Friday, November 3

From 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm at Saint-Just en Chaussée (between Breteuil and Clermont), on the square opposite the train station.
For 5 years, they have been the monthly must-attend event for direct sales in the Oise! Like every 1st Friday of the month, find the producers for the direct sale of 100% local products.

Mushrooms from Laigneville, Honey from Thiescourt, Eggs from Chaussoy-Epagny, Cresson from Bresles, Maroilles Pies and Crèvecoeur le Grand biscuits, Buicourt Cheeses, Sentelie's snails, Cider and Saint-Thibault apples, vegetables from Grivesnes and many other products.

For 5 years, you have been faithful to these Rendez-vous du Terroir, which has become an example in terms of short circuits, direct relations between producers and consumers and friendliness.

Report: The secrets of endive production

With potatoes, endive is certainly one of the most emblematic products of our region. Its uses are multiple. Raw or cooked endives attract more and more consumers. In salad, steamed, braised, with ham, pie ... endives can be combinated with everything. So enjoy it ! Thanks to Vincent Voisin (whose endives are marketed under "Prestige" brand) and to Adrien Bled (Fréchencourt) for having accepted to receive the journalists.

Avec les pommes de terre, l'endive est certainement l'un des produits les plus emblématiques de notre région. Ses usages sont multiples. Crues ou cuites les endives séduisent de plus en plus de consommateurs. En salade, à la vapeur, braisées, au jambon, en tourte ... les endives se prêtent à tout. Alors profitez-en ! Merci à Vincent Voisin (dont les endives sont commercialisées sous la marque Prestige) et à Adrien Bled (Fréchencourt) d'avoir accepté de recevoir les journalistes.

Learn more about the producers - Watch the report made for "Météo à la carte"

Flavors Market in Bresles (Oise)

Friday, October 27 from 16:30 to 19:30 "Flavor Market" - Place du Linciau, under the "Halle de plein vent".

For the second time, the producers will meet you for an absolutely gourmet moment!
Water cress, cheeses, poultry, apples, honey, cakes, jams, fruits and vegetables, cider, eggs, pork, snails, beef ... you can find everything and prepare your future meals with local and quality products.

The Flavor Market will take place monthly, every 3rd Friday.

In Hauts-de-France and Bresles, in particular, I eat local food ... and you?

So everyone in Bresles, Friday!

To know more

8 days of entertainment at the "Cueillette de Saint-Gratien" (Somme)

At the "Cueillette de Saint-Gratien", a few kilometers north of Amiens, 8 days of entertainment are offered:

Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Monday 30th Oct - from 2.30pm to 5pm: Sculptures on squash, Tuesday 31st October: Makeup, "spider hunt" and treats for children, Wednesday 1st November: Tasting of squash in all its forms !!

Enjoy without moderation of your passage to the picking to stock up on good vegetables: green beans! yes, fresh ... or to sterilize? Tomatoes from the garden, a real treat! but still leeks, cabbage, carrots, turnips .... again it's all a program!
Learn more

The biscuit factory "La Pierre qui tourne" at the Natexpo Show - Paris Villepinte

The Natexpo show opened at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center. A biscuit factory of very high quality, "La Pierre qui tourne" from Attichy in the Oise exposes.

Isabelle and Benoit Amélie meet you on their stand I 140 until the evening of Tuesday October 24th.

To learn more

It's the Indian summer at the Chassy Farm in Esquennoy (Oise)

Laurent and Isabelle Cnudde produce vegetables for many years.
Thanks to this beautiful Indian summer, there are still strawberries at the Ferme du Chassy. So enjoy it!

The store is open from 10 am to 12 am and from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm from Wednesday to Friday and from 10 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. Do not forget that the vending machine is at your disposal outside the opening hours of the store.

Many other vegetables and other local products are waiting for you. 
This week and until the end of the month, promotion on all squash: 2 € 50 instead of 3 € the kg

So everyone at Chassy's farm!

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Champagne and you

Œno-tourist festival that promotes the art of "Living Champagne". Place: Château-Thierry (Aisne) at the medieval castle

- Saturday 21 October 2017 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday 22 October 2017 from 10:00 to 6:00 pm

Southern Aisne produces more than 10% of Champagne. Enjoy this weekend to discover this jewel of our gastronomic heritage. This festival reveals the treasures and curiosities of the Marne Valley.  30 winegrowers make taste their cuvées. It is the opportunity to discover the champagne jobs thanks to the workshops of cutting, grafting, disgorgement, blind tasting, gastronomic agreements ... It is the gastronomic, playful and  musical Saturday evening...

Solo Pass : 5 €  Solo Degust Pass (10 tastings): 12 € Duo degust Pass (20 tastings / 2 persons) :18 € • Under 16: Free • Lunch: adult 18 € / Child (under 12) 9 € • Tourist tour (1h30): 17 € with flute offered • Evening "Le Génie du Vin": 80 € - Daycare for 4-12 years: free.

For more information and to consult the whole program

La Ferme de la Chapelle Jérôme is at POMEXPO

Villeneuve d’Ascq (59) Espace Concorde – Rue Carpeau
Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm free admission

Ferdinand Lapersonne gives you an appointment this weekend in Villeneuve d'Ascq for POMEXPO. Do not miss this event in the Lille area, which takes place every 2 years.

This is the opportunity to come and taste La Folie Douce Thiérache and especially the 2016 vintages, 3 of them were medalists at the local products competition in La Capelle Thiérache.

Learn more

Find "Des Hommes et des Boeufs" at the "Made in France" show.

MIF Expo, the biggest fair dedicated to products designed and manufactured in France, awaits you on 10, 11 and 12 November 2017 at the "Porte de Versailles".

You want to buy "Made in France" but find that it is difficult to distinguish the productions "really" made in France ?

MIF Expo, the "Made in France" show, is for you !!!!

Come and visit Andréa De Poncins on the "Des Hommes et des Boeufs" stand, where you will discover the "Cornes de Boeuf ANGUS" (ANGUS Beef Horns), as well as "ANGUS Rillettes de Boeuf".

Learn more 

Find the local products shop at the Saint-Quentin Christmas Market

From December 9th to January 7th will be held on the square of the town hall of Saint-Quentin, the village of Christmas! Entertainment Village for children, totally free and about twenty chalets will allow you to make gifts at the end of the year to your friends and family. The local products shop will be there for the seventh year over the entire period. Learn about to find out the opening hours of the village. All the budgets, all possible packages in presentation or at the request at the last moment in the chalet. 

Do not hesitate to make a pre-order on the site

8th anniversary of the "Brasserie des 3 loups"

Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October, in Trélou sur Marne (02) This is the 8th anniversary of the Brasserie des 3 loups
An event not to be missed!

The 11 beers of the brewery will be offered to the pressure (to be consumed in moderation, of course ...)

Saturday night, a big, friendly evening awaits you from 8.30 p.m. to Midnight!


Parlons Saisons #11

Discover the new issue of the magazine of the promotion committees of Hauts-de-France with the honor "Les drives fermiers en route" and dossiers, reports, recipes ... to highlight the products of our region

In this issue concocted to present the local products and our brands - Terroirs de Picardie and Bienvenue à la Ferme - you will find:

  • - Record: Farmers Drive On Track
  • - Presentation of products: Old-style pear confit, Tidélice in bottles, "Fleur sur O", The happiness of the farm
  • - Reports: The cheeses of yesteryear on your table, Promis juré #miamiam, Levain sur vingt, L'Auberge des tilleuls or the charm of a real regional cuisine,
  • - A nutrition file: Thank you, Mr Parmentier
  • - Recipes: Mackerel confit in thin tart, Mille feuilles of Miss Blush, Ice with the Bêtise de Cambrai
  • - A calendar of seasonal vegetables

If you wish to receive this issue and the following, please send an e-mail to Anne Halgand, Picardie Product Promotion Committee.

Download the magazine Parlons Saisons

Marché Terroirs de Picardie - Welcome to the farm - Friday, October 13, 2017

From 15:00 to 18:00. Maryse FERON, joined the producers already present on the market place of the church in Villers Bocage (80260). For the contact: 06 10 05 55 44 or

Exchange with local farmers and find the friendliness of the markets. You will appreciate the traceability, the proximity and the safeguarding of seasonal products. The producers are waiting for you for the contest of the best leek pie! Come many for tasting their products. You can also win packed baskets.

Read more - Consult the market agenda

Taste the products of our farms ... from September to December!

Farmers of the Welcome to the Farm network offer you many activities and festivities on their farms, around the discovery of their farm products and their terroirs.
In the program :
- warm exchanges during shared meals or tastings,
- unusual appointments, visits, gatherings, workshops for children and shows ...

After the harvest and before the holidays, they offer you to share with them the delights of their terroirs and open their doors wide. A firm escape, so do not wait, enjoy the autumn, at the farm!

Consult the farms that welcome in the Hauts-de-France - Find all the information on the site Bienvenue à la Ferme and on Automne fermier

Heritage Days - Visit of the Champignonnière de Laigneville (Oise)

On the occasion of the Heritage Days, take the opportunity to visit the last mushroom farm in activity in the Oise. Ludovic Barré will share his passion for his profession and this magical place.

Saturday, September 16: 2 pm - 4 pm and Sunday, September 17 2 pm - 4 pm - Free admission
A host of the Maison de la pierre will welcome you to immerse yourself in the heart of the underground quarries (geological formation and extraction of stone) and then the operator of the mushroom grower will unveil all the secrets of the culture of the famous mushroom of Paris. Finally, Anne de l'Atelier gourmand, will introduce you to some tasty recipes to taste as it should these little sweets straight out of the underground! Champignonnière of the Cross Madeleine - Way of the Cross Madeleine Laigneville - 60290 Laigneville

Jim's Lands - September 8 to 10, 2017

After Bordeaux, Metz and La Roche sur Yon, Jim Bataille places his suitcases in the Oise and will meet you at Margny-lès-Compiègne, 1 hour north of Paris.

To accommodate the 100,000 visitors expected, a site of 100 hectares has been laid out.
You will find animations for young and old and many local producers from all French regions! Young farmers are mobilizing and everything is being set up little by little.

We expect many of you !

For more information and to consult the program

Cheese Fair of La Capelle (02) - from 2 to 4 September

50th Cheese Fair, it's the unmissable event of the end of August in the Aisne..

All lovers of local products will meet at this event. Many producers will be present:

- Folie douce de Thiérache and its aperitifs of red fruits,

- The Gaec of the Vieille Grange and its products of rabbits,

- The Clos de la Fontaine Hugo with its ciders, vinegars and jellies,

- and of course the producers of Maroilles.

Come and meet us on the booth of the Hauts-de-France Regional Council.

Read more about the cheese fair

Discover the sea aster, a maritime plant of the Somme Bay

You will be a lot of people during these next weeks to frequent the coast of the Somme Bay and the Bay of Authie.

Besides the sea and the sandy beaches, there are treasures you should not absolutely pass: the marine vegetables of the Somme Bay:

- Sea asters, Salicornias,

- "Soude maritime" and the "Obione".

The on foot fishermen pick them every day for you. Raw or cooked these vegetables have all gastronomic properties which will seduce you.

You can get them yourselves directly with the fishermen or local wholesale fish merchants. A lot of restaurants, propose them then take advantage of it!

Watch out, the picking by non professionnals people is limited, thank you for respecting the regulations.

See the video report of "Rustica" magazine


Zucchinis, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers... summer vegetables arrive

The "Ferme du Chassy" in Esquennoy (a few kilometers in the North of Breteuil) ( Oise dpt - 60 )

Vegetables in the store but also at any time in the vending machine installed in the yard of the Farm.

Laurent et Isabelle Cnudde will welcome you with their legendary kindness

For more information