Marque régionale "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"

How to become a "Terroirs de Picardie" Sales outlet ? 


"Terroirs de Picardie" sales outlets are local shops which commercialize directly to final consumers products agreed beforehand by "Terroirs de Picardie". These sales outlets are referenced for their commercial and professionnal identity so that producers and consumers can benefit from a point of sale of local products.

To be a "Terroirs de Picardie" sales outlet, the company must commercialize throughout the year or during the opening period of the shop (if seasonal shop) the products of at least 8 producers from Picardie and 20 different products agreed by "Terroirs de Picardie" (different in categorie not in weight)..

You are a professional, you wish to become a "Terroirs de Picardie" sales outlet :

- The Charter "Terroirs de Picardie"
The application form