Marque régionale "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"

What are the Terroirs de Picardie markets ?

In 2009, the Chamber of Agriculture in the Somme departement set up the brand "Producers' markets from Picardie" in order to promote local producers.

In 2010, the brand became "Terroirs de Picardie markets" and joined the collective banner "Terroirs de Picardie" which gathers labelled products, "Terroirs de Picardie"agreed  distrubutors, "Terroirs de Picardie" sales outlets and "Terroirs de Picardie" restaurants.

"Terroirs de Picardie" markets are factual or regular markets, made up of local producers. It's an opportunity for them to market their products and to be recognized for their know-how. On "Terroirs de Picardie" markets consumers can therefore supply themselves with local farm or craft products  throughout the seasons. The aim is to establish a meeting between producers and consumers while promoting farm and craft products from Picardie and creating  a territorial dynamic for the municipalities organizing a "Terroir de Picardie" market.
"Terroirs de Picardie" markets are regulated by an ethic charter which specifies the organizers', producers' and the Chamber of Agriculture's  duties.

A few key points of the charter :

- The market is primarily reserved for farmers from Picardie ; - To expand the range of proposed products, craftsmen from Picardie as well as farmers and craftsmen from Pas-de-Calais and Seine-Maritime can participate in these markets ; - The exposed products must come from the own farmers' and craftsmen's production. These products are local products from Picardie  ;- Complementing he range, the purchase/resale of products from Picardie by the producers is tolerated but must remain secondary ;- The Chamber of Agriculture coordinates the brand and accompanies the creation of these markets (organization, communication).