Marque régionale "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"

Distribution platform

Origin of the project

The Chambers of Agriculture from Picardy and the farmers receive regularly requests from people (salers, organizers of events...) who want to obtain products from Picardy. They tell us about their difficulties to find such products. That's why we have decided to create a tool allowing to collect the offer and to meet the demand without shielding the producers. The distribution platform of products from Picardy was born in the form of an association in 2006.

The aim of the distribution platform is to promote and to commercialize the food products from farms and artisanal minings from Picardy in a manner that maintains the maximum added value in the enterprises by helping the producers to distribute their products.

Their skill is firstly a production competence  either agricultural or handmade or both of them. Commercialization is a necessary step but extremely time-consuming.
The platform should relieve them of a part this responsability without cutting them from customers. Their identity is not hidden, customers can meet them during activities or visits.

For the customer, the advantage is clear : he can supply himself with a extensive range of products while having 

- an order

- a delivery

- a billing.

The actors are 32 farmers and craftsmen from the 3 picard departments and the Departmental and Regional Chambers which support the project with the help of the Regional Council.

Aisne :8 farmers 6 craftsmen
Oise :8 farmers4 craftsmen
Somme :  4 farmers  4 craftsmen

Product catalogue

It covers an extensive range from sugar to salt products and mustards, seasonings and drinks.

All these products meet very precise criteria :

• Enterprise located in Picardy 

• Raw materials largely  from Picardy and from the farm in case of farmers.

259 references : 72 sugar products – 10 vegetables – 41 duck and poultry  – 33 pork and 6 beef– 7 game – 58 drinks – 33 seasonings – 5 flours and 3 others 

This catalogue is going to develop with the establishment of the regional banner "Terroirs de Picardie" which will integrate the platform as a marketing tool of the regional brand products. At the same time the products will gradually integrate the regional brand if it's not yet the case. The synergy between the regional brand and the platform will thus become stronger and clearer for the consumers and for the buyers. 

The customers of the platform

The customers of the platform are :

• Shops in touristic places (Jardins de Valloire, Center parcs de l’Aisne…)

• Farm shops 

• Retail stores (groceries...)

• Hypermarkets and supermarkets where the products are gathered within the same department 

84 customers 

- 35 retail and touristic stores

- 35 hyper and supermarkets

- 14 occasional customers

The future

The projects :

• Develop the number of subscribers in order to increase the offer and make the proposed service even more attractive

• Become the commercialization tool of the brand "Terroirs de Picardie" for the producers who want it in order to help them in the commercialization of their products

• Lead the association towards an independent commercial structure keeping the spirit of the founders at the origin of the project. 

Contact : François Moinard : 03 22 33 69 37 / port : 07 81 35 07 29 / e-mail